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Nov. 22nd, 2010

It has been awhile

It has been awhile since I posted a entry.
But all that is gonna change. Hopefully.
Have a lot on my mind recently and this is the only place I can really talk about it.

Alright than, off to school.

Monday Blues

Aug. 5th, 2009

Webcam Fun!


Over the past couple of days, I have been using oovoo to hold video call sessions with my classmates, Pei Ying, Pei Shan and Tze Hwa. Had loads of fun talking to each other about stupid stuff and doing stupid stuff as well. So much fun that I go into hyper mode all the time, doing head banging and stupid faces, which is totally crazy! More webcam sessions to come. =)

Also, I just got my schdule for my final test of the semesters and, it totally sucks! I have to go back to school on a bloody Saturday! Crap! And i even have papers that start at 8.30 in the morning... My normal classes don't even start at 9 and I have to go to school for a 1 hour test at 8.30am. So far that's the only bad news Iv gotten so far, other than that, everythings is great as usual. Till next time! Bye!

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Jul. 29th, 2009

Gym Session With Classmates

 Hey guys,

Today is Wednesday and as most of you know, or for all those that still don't, I don't have to attend class on Wednesday. So today, a couple of  us guys from class (Fathil, Wen Long & Reuben), decided to hit the gym and hang. We headed down to Bukit Gombak gym, which I am now very interested in going there for my regular workout sessions, because it is very convenient and the equipment offered there is way better than what I am working with now. The gym is just beside the MRT station, which is just one stop away from home. It is even more convenient to go there, than to go to CCK stadium, of which I have to take a bus down.

Had a good time today, good work out and also good entertainment, as Reuben did  a whole lot of funny stuff. I think hitting the gym with some friends can be good at times because it can serve as afor friends to talk and you can also help each other out in the workouts by pushing one another and also theres some one to help *spot. We spent roughly about 2 hrs in the gym, which is far from my usual time of 1 hr, but a lot of time was spent talking and joking.

After that, we met Pei Shan for lunch at Jurong Point, and WOW! Jurong Point is huge!. Yes, It is my first time to the new jurong point, and its looks better than some of the shopping centers in town. We went to Kopitiam to have lunch and than walked around for awhile as I am looking for a replacement for my current overly huge school bag, which is able to store enough clothes for more than a weeks stay. But still, after looking at the different available bags, I still can't find that perfect bag that I need. So after walking we went outside to have a chat as Fathil and Reuben wanted to smoke. Talked for some time before deciding to head for home. After talking about a lot of things, I found out that Pei Shan is dumb! Pei Shan you know you are,  so go read up more about EVERYTHING, is all I have to say. Haha!

So that's basically it for today. Left for gym at 10 and came home around 4.45pm, so I spent a good 7-8 hours, enjoying myself and also having a good workout. Till next time! Bye!


*Spot - Is where some one helps you to spot any mistakes in your workout and also pushes your for the last few reps of your set.
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Jul. 28th, 2009

My First Partial


Like the title reads, I had my first partial yesterday so now, I tiimo am no longer a perfect attendance student! I really didn't feel like doing anything yesterday and the problem was bloody hard if I must add on. We are suppose to come up with a flash shooter game, where cute little cartoon like ghost fly all over the screen and the player is to be able to shoot them for points. At first, majority of the class had already decided to leave class, to go chill some where, leaving me ever so tempted to leave class as well. In the end, I did a coin flip to decide if I should or should not go and as your already know,  the result was go. So yes, I finally broke down and gave in to my temptation of leaving school, after being tempted so many times over and over again. And so I left with a heavy heart and guilt stricken concious, for I have never done this before and I felt deeply apologetic towards my facilitator Julia.

We than took a total of 3 taxis, to accomodate 11 people, to the old woodlands checkpoint shopping center for some pool. It has been ages since I last played pool and my skills were definately rusty, not to mention that I was not very skill at pool to begin with. We opened 3 table and stayed there for a couple of hours. After playing, we headed to McDonalds to have something to eat before we headed home.

So there was a lot that went on yesterday, from going to school to finally having my first partial, to having loads of fun chilling with my class W65C. Thats all for now, till next time. Bye!


The guys carrying me, trying to convince me to leave class.

Pool Time!

Zall and Ah Kai in the back

Zall trying to pull a back shot

Pole dancing using the cue

3 tables, 11 players

The smokers...Puffing away
Zall, Fathil, Ah Kai & Reuben

Ah Kai & Me

Tze Hua, Ah Kai & Ah Long (Fathil in the back)

Ah Kai & Sy (Both of them look so sian =.=)

Ah Kai & Cyrus

The two girls that chill with us all the time. Pei Shan & Pei Ying (Pei Sisters)

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Jul. 27th, 2009

My very first post


Just started using livejournal and it's my first time using it, so will have to try to get a feel for it and slowly explore the use of livejournal. Over the couple of days because blogger is giving me a lot of shitty problem, so Im deciding if I shoud change to livejournal. Hopefully livejournal is better then blogger in terms of function and stability.

Alright than, I shall stop here, so do look out for more updates. Something major happend to me today, so there should be a update tomorrow, as soon as I get  my hands on the photos taken today. Ciao!